The Case of the Stolen Computers

Written by Sammie Armentor, Age 8.5, New Iberia, Louisiana
Illustrated by Gracie, Age 14

Download the PDF.

Download the PDF file .

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6 comments on “The Case of the Stolen Computers
  1. Skyler M. says:

    I loved this! I hope you post more soon!

  2. Anonymous says:

    P.S. I like the drawings too!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I read about 100 stories on your web page and this is my
    favorite, I am going to write a mystery and send it

  4. Mahnoor Raza says:

    I just love this story… keep writing!

  5. Kate Visgilio says:

    whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That was so good!

  6. mode20100 says:

    A+ would read again

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