The Last Polar Bears (Book Review)

Written by Mahnoor Raza, Age 9.5, Skardu, Pakistan

Download the PDF.

Download the PDF file .

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6 comments on “The Last Polar Bears (Book Review)
  1. Mahnoor Raza says:

    Please dad………stop writing comments…. u can tell me in real life u know…

  2. Mohammad Ali says:

    If the book is half as good as this review, it will be a best seller!!!

  3. Mahnoor Raza says:

    Hey People, The first n last comments r written by my dad.

  4. sibtain says:

    wow…what a review……it’s wonderful to read such an attractive writing…I will certainly purchase this book!

  5. Mahnoor Raza says:

    Hi. It’s me, Mahnoor. Thanks a lot! I’m glad you like it.

  6. Agha Sibtain says:

    An excellent review by a 9 year old child… has a lot of originality. It seems that it would certainly be fun reading this book.

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