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Biking Really Fast

Written by Reed Moffitt, Age 7, Concord, Massachusetts
Illustrated by Maks Kuskovski, Age 7, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I’m biking really fast. Faster than my brother.
I’m biking really fast. Faster than my brother.

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The Shadow and Its Face

Shadow and Its Face

Written by Julia Van Lare, Age 10 Coronado, California
Illustrated by Lillian Ryan, Age 12, St. Louis, Missouri

As I touched the door handle a chilling feeling went up my spine, as if someone had blown softly on my neck. But for some odd reason, the eeriness intrigued me.

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Single Panel Comic Collection

Written and Illustrated by Kayla McAllister, Age 11, Greeley, Colorado

A collection of laugh out loud single panel cartoons by eleven-year-old Kayla.

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The Rubbish That People Throw Away

Rubbish That People Throw Away

By Nigel Menezes, Age 9, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Illustrated by Lars Odegard, Age 9, Houghton, Michigan

A broken game, an old bed frame,
A cardboard box, an old dead fox

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The Witch’s Brew

Witch's Brew

By Casslyn McNamara, Age 13, Papillion, Nebraska
Illustrated by Krista McAllister, Age 12, Greeley, Colorado

“Tonight is Halloween and if we want to have enough potions to give to every passing stranger, we need your help to make them!” Becca screams.

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The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable (Book Review)

Written by Paul R., Age 11, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

If you are the type of person that likes exciting adventures with funny parts too, then I recommend this book.

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A Yummy Heritage

A Yummy Heritage

Written by Krista McAllister, Age 12, Greeley, Colorado
Illustrated by Kai Fellner, Age 10, Winter Haven, Florida

This famous snack
Is known worldwide.
Dipped in oil, Salted, fried.

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My Cat Is Alive!

Written by Kayla McAllister, Age 10, Greeley, Colorado
Illustrated by Emma Blanks, Age 10, Clemmons, North Carolina

“Who’s in my house?” I asked, my voice trembling. I looked down and noticed my hands were shaking too.

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Childhood Memory

Written by Hailey Bryant, Age 14 (2012)
Sooke, British Columbia, Canada
Illustrated by Ollanta Wascher, Age 12, Portsmouth, Virginia

I remember entering the archway into the house and looking around in awe.

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A Horrible Start

Written by Peter Mitelman, Age 9, Westwood, New Jersey
Illustrated by Michael Kelley, Age 14, Portsmouth, Virginia

“1-0!” I yelled. It was the greatest day ever. I was in the next faceoff. With Owen.

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The BFG (Book Review)

Written by April Liu, Age 11, Burnaby, BC, Canada

…will Sophie and the BFG find a way to save the day? Find out if Sophie succeeds by reading this suspenseful, heart-warming, eye-popping book

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Blood Orange or Kumquat

Written and Illustrated by Isabella Gianatiempo, Age 12, Martinez, California

Blood orange or kumquat,
Which will it be?

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Umbrella Memories

Written by Sasha Zeidenberg, Age 12, Amherst, Massachusetts
Illustrated by Emma C., Age 9, Manhattan Beach, California

We would leap off the earthen shelf,
Frantically trying to open the parachute

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Twilight (Book Review)

Written by Clare Thompson, Age 14, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

… the dark secret comes with consequences and before she knows it, Bella is running for her life.

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Scholastic Library Publishing Award

The American Library Association awarded Paul Kelsey the 2012 Scholastic Library Publishing Award for Launch Pad: Where Young Authors and Illustrators Take Off!

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Written by Andrew Grier, Age 10, Mission Viejo, California
Illustrated by Taylor Rooke, Age 10, Redditch, Worcestershire, UK

Pencils are the gates to the soul,
Hopes and dreams thrive in this creation.

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