Anna Grayson

Illustrator, “In the Days of Peter Piper
Age 10 (2014)
Wall, New Jersey

“My name is Anna Grayson and this is my second time being published in Launch Pad magazine. The first time, I was eight years old and I lived in a small town in California. Now I am fourteen and live in Salt Lake City, Utah. My dad got a job here three years ago, and we love living near the mountains where we can ski, climb, hike, and travel to so many beautiful places. I will be starting high school this fall and look forward to being able to continue expressing myself through the arts. I have two brothers, a dog, a guinea pig, and a gecko. I love to sing, act, run, and be creative with everything I do.”

Read “The Better Side of Rapunzel: Told from the Perspective of the Hair” to and enjoy Anna’s other Launch Pad illustrations.

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