Eilish O’Brien

Age 10 (2008)
Gore, Southland, New Zealand
Author and Illustrator, “Wolf” and Illustrator, “The Problem in Meowica

Eilish writes, “I am 10 years old. My name is Eilish O’Brien. I live in New Zealand. I love writing, reading and drawing. I have two best friends, Maddy, 10, and Ashley, 11. I have a sister called Ella, who turned 6 in October. I have always been obsessed with wolves, and I wrote the poem a few months ago while I was in bed. I did the drawing with watercolor pencils.”

“My name is Eilish O’Brien; I am ten years old and live in Southland. I love cats, dogs, and wolves especially, although I don’t know why, and more than anything I love reading and writing. I have a cat called Suzy and I love her to bits, and my sister’s kitten which I love just as much. And I also have great friends and a greater family!”