Julia Van Lare

Age 10 (2014)
Coronado, California
Author, “The Shadow and Its Face.”

Julia lives in San Diego, California, with her brother, mother, and father. She is ten years old, and will turn eleven in May. She enjoys going to the beach, playing basketball, soccer, and water polo, and writes stories in her free time. Julia also loves to read.

7 comments on “Julia Van Lare
  1. Zack P says:

    You’re good, Julia!

  2. Zack P says:

    Could I illustrate the next story?
    I would really like to!

  3. Zack P says:

    Yes, you should send it in to your publisher, and if you write another story, I could illustrate it.

  4. ME says:


  5. Me says:


  6. Skyler M. says:

    This an awesome story, Julia.

  7. Liv says:

    I love your story the shadow and its face! If you could make it longer I think you could actually get it published.

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