Ollanta Wascher Vargas

Age 7 (2008)
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Author and Illustrator, “Why Anteater Looks Before He Eats” and Illustrator, “Father Alligator

Ollanta writes, “Hi, my name is Ollanta, which is a Quechua word, there’s a legend about a warrior and also a town in Cusco. I was born in Peru. I came to the USA when I was one year and a half. I spent time in Santa Fe, New Mexico, California, and on a farm in Colorado. I still travel to Peru to visit my extended family. I am a home schooler and bilingual. I love animals and wilderness. I wish we all would respect their habitat. I love drawing and reading a lot, especially animal tales. My favorites are the wolf, the fox, the coyotes, and the dogs.