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The Shadow and Its Face

Written by Julia Van Lare, Age 10 Coronado, California
Illustrated by Lillian Ryan, Age 12, St. Louis, Missouri

As I touched the door handle a chilling feeling went up my spine, as if someone had blown softly on my neck. But for some odd reason, the eeriness intrigued me.

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Single Panel Comic Collection

Written and Illustrated by Kayla McAllister, Age 11, Greeley, Colorado

A collection of laugh out loud single panel cartoons by eleven-year-old Kayla.

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The Witch’s Brew

By Casslyn McNamara, Age 13, Papillion, Nebraska
Illustrated by Krista McAllister, Age 12, Greeley, Colorado

“Tonight is Halloween and if we want to have enough potions to give to every passing stranger, we need your help to make them!” Becca screams.

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My Cat Is Alive!

Written by Kayla McAllister, Age 10, Greeley, Colorado
Illustrated by Emma Blanks, Age 10, Clemmons, North Carolina

“Who’s in my house?” I asked, my voice trembling. I looked down and noticed my hands were shaking too.

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A Horrible Start

Written by Peter Mitelman, Age 9, Westwood, New Jersey
Illustrated by Michael Kelley, Age 14, Portsmouth, Virginia

“1-0!” I yelled. It was the greatest day ever. I was in the next faceoff. With Owen.

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The Fairy’s Gift

Written by Mahnoor Raza, Age 9.5, Skarku, Pakistan
Illustrated by Hannah Schmitt, Age 14, Indian Wells, California

Help, little girl, help! My wings are stuck in these rose thorns and are about to tear! Please help me!

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A Brave Little Girl

Written by Sophia Charles, Age 9, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Illustrated by Heather Kranz, Age 11, Fort Collins, Colorado

Suddenly, I heard a howl, and I spotted beady eyes. I imagined that these belonged to wolves in this lonely forest.

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Scout’s Big Adventure

Written by Makenzie Myers, Age 10, Windsor, Colorado
Illustrated by Maria Hansen, Age 13, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Jackson said he met the rabbits recently, and that these two rabbits were, in fact, both secret agents.

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The Case of the Stolen Computers

Written by Sammie Armentor, Age 8.5, New Iberia, Louisiana
Illustrated by Gracie, Age 14

“Look!” Todd suddenly cried out. “It’s one of the Animal Mystery Agency’s spies– Linda Wolfe!”

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The Bookshop Stowaway

Written and Illustrated by Isabelle St. John, Age 12, Appleton, Wisconsin

The head elf clambered up onto a stack of boxes. “Time’s running out! We must get to our destination by midnight!”

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Promise Not to Tell

Written by Gabi Fitzgibbon, Age 11, New South Wales, Australia Illustrated by Katie Sweeney, Age 13, Woongarrah, New South Wales, Australia, and Torri-Anne Hunter, Age 13, Wyong, New South Wales, Australia Download the PDF.Download the PDF file .

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The Statue

Written by Jessica M. Gardiner, Age 8, Michigan
Illustrated by Matthew McLoughlin, Age 10, Irvington, New York

I was staring. At that one house, the one with that statue just staring at me. Why me?

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The Missing Coffee

Written by Scott LaMunyon, Age 11, Towanda, Kansas
Anonymous illustrator, Age 11

Back in the Olde West, there was a town called Meowtown. It was a cat town.

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The Case of the Missing Glass Easter Egg

Written by Ciaravic Lalo, Age 10, Wharton, New Jersey
Illustrated by Alexandra Palmer, Age 12, Endwell, New York

“Lucy, look at this,” Jenny said. “It’s a letter from the governor. He wrote a letter explaining that a glass Easter egg is missing.”

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Pumpkin Pie

Written by Rebecca Trouern-Trend, Age 10, Marlborough, Connecticut
Illustrated by Jack Shapiro, Age 11, Harrison, New York

Fly, Fly Pumpkin Pie,
All the way to Mexico!

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The Old Fashioned Typewriter

Written by Peri Sheinin, Age 8, East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Illustrated by Mia Mueller, Age 11, Middletown, Delaware

Wilson loved old fashioned items. He asked his friends if they had anything old fashioned.

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