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Childhood Memory

Written by Hailey Bryant, Age 14 (2012)
Sooke, British Columbia, Canada
Illustrated by Ollanta Wascher, Age 12, Portsmouth, Virginia

I remember entering the archway into the house and looking around in awe.

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The Big Flood

Written by Jaylee Howell, Age 8, Pineville, Missouri
Illustrated by Yanna Albarracin, Age 9, Martinez, California, and Joyanna Xiang, Age 9, Martinez, California.

“Jaylee! Hurry! Get Up!” he yelled. I jumped up as soon as possible.

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Oatman, Arizona

Written and Illustrated by Hunter Alexandra Williams, Age 10, Princeton, Kansas

…back in the old days when there were a lot of gold mines, the mines around Oatman ran out of gold.

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Canoe Days

Written by Isabel Wolfer, Age 10, Aspen, Colorado
Illustrated by Claire Shihadeh, Age 9, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In Minnesota in a small town called Bamidgi there is a lake. It’s my favorite lake. I call it Lake Verana.

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My Fear of Swimming

Written by Patrick Oshakuade, Age 11, Benton, Kansas
Illustrated by Hannah Schmitt, Age 10, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Many people love to play in soothing, clear blue water, but some people think it is mighty terrifying.

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A World of Musical Notes

Written by Renata Herrmann, Age 12, Towanda, Kansas
Illustrated by Isabelle St. John, Age 12, Appleton, Wisconsin

I was so excited. When I opened the case for the first time, I could smell the cork grease.

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Blue Whale

Written by Jihad Hasan, Age 9, Sydney, Australia
Illustrated by Zainab Hasan, Age 8, Sydney, Australia

The Blue Whale is endangered. The word endangered means they are very rare.

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A Day at the Beach

Written by Jennifer Hepp, Age 10, Novi, Michigan
Illustrated by Aditi Laddha, Age 11, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

“It’s a fantastic day for boogie boarding,” I thought to myself. “I’ll be riding the waves like there’s no tomorrow!”

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My Trip to Monterey

Written by Alex G., Age 11
Illustrated by Sophia Rosen, Age 9, Martinez, California

On the way there, the reservoir seemed to glisten and shine like a diamond, and the color was a light sapphire blue.

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Written and Illustrated by Alisa Britton, Age 12, Summerland Point, New South Wales, Australia

The echidna is one of the two egg-laying mammals in Australia.

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