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The Fairy’s Gift

Written by Mahnoor Raza, Age 9.5, Skarku, Pakistan
Illustrated by Hannah Schmitt, Age 14, Indian Wells, California

Help, little girl, help! My wings are stuck in these rose thorns and are about to tear! Please help me!

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Written by Jamie Uy, Age 12, Bangkok, Thailand
Illustrated by Isabella Gianatiempo, Age 12, Martinez, California

she’s nocturnal
like an angry owl
busy counting its wrongdoings.

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A Single Drop of Moonlight

Written by Jada Green, Age 11, Naperville, Illinois
Illustrated by Zoe Storer, Age 10, Houghton, Michigan

A single drop of moonlight drifted
over the snow covered hill,
And landed with sheer silence on top of my windowsill.

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A Brave Little Girl

Written by Sophia Charles, Age 9, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Illustrated by Heather Kranz, Age 11, Fort Collins, Colorado

Suddenly, I heard a howl, and I spotted beady eyes. I imagined that these belonged to wolves in this lonely forest.

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Old Leaf

Old Leaf

Written by Courtney Licata, Age 10, St. Louis, Missouri
Illustrated by Caroline Walters, Age 12, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Walking. Running. Jogging./ But sitting is when I see it.
Most people look past it./ But not me.

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Written by Pasha McGuigan, Age 11, Falls Church, Virginia
Illustrated by Catie Tomasello, Age 8, Land o’ Lakes, Florida

Indigo sounds like a thousand porcelain elephants

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Dog Breath (Book Review)

Written by Faizan Khalid, Age 10, Edwardsville, Pennsylvania

I recommend this book to the age group of 4 to 6 and to anyone who enjoys rooting for an underdog!

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The Last Polar Bears (Book Review)

Written by Mahnoor Raza, Age 9.5, Skardu, Pakistan

It is extraordinary how the author tells the whole story only through letters.

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Scout’s Big Adventure

Written by Makenzie Myers, Age 10, Windsor, Colorado
Illustrated by Maria Hansen, Age 13, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Jackson said he met the rabbits recently, and that these two rabbits were, in fact, both secret agents.

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Walk Two Moons (Book Review)

Written by Meghna Melkote, Age 11, Moosic, Pennsylvania

This novel will make you love the characters, and develop affection for them.

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Emily Windsnap and the Siren’s Secret (Book Review)

Written by Rylee Gavlick, Age 10, Kingston, Pennsylvania

Kessler’s books have quite a bit of suspense so they are grabbing and exciting.

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Out of My Mind (Book Review)

Out of My Mind

Written by Juan Martin Velez, Age 10, Houston, Texas

If you like books about kids overcoming big challenges … throw down other books and follow these three words: read this book.

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Year of the Rat (Book Review)

Year of the Rat

Written by Harry Varonides, Age 10, Forty Fort, Pennsylvania

I can relate to this book because my family also came from a different country and my parents have told me similar stories.

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The Unforgiving Sea

Written by Sarah Nickolas, Age 10, South Windsor, Connecticut
Illustrated by Maria Hansen, Age 12, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Dark green and blue waves hitting against each other as a storm brews and darkness replaces

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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Book Review)

Written by Camden Putnal, Age 11, Somerset, New Jersey

I would tell most people who like Bruce Colville stories to read this book.

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Julie Tells Her Story (Book Review)

Julie Tells Her Story

Written by Julia Lombardo, Age 12, Franklin Park, New Jersey

…right when I put it down I picked it right back up and started reading again.

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