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Single Panel Comic Collection

Written and Illustrated by Kayla McAllister, Age 11, Greeley, Colorado

A collection of laugh out loud single panel cartoons by eleven-year-old Kayla.

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The Witch’s Brew

Witch's Brew

By Casslyn McNamara, Age 13, Papillion, Nebraska
Illustrated by Krista McAllister, Age 12, Greeley, Colorado

“Tonight is Halloween and if we want to have enough potions to give to every passing stranger, we need your help to make them!” Becca screams.

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A Yummy Heritage

A Yummy Heritage

Written by Krista McAllister, Age 12, Greeley, Colorado
Illustrated by Kai Fellner, Age 10, Winter Haven, Florida

This famous snack
Is known worldwide.
Dipped in oil, Salted, fried.

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My Cat Is Alive!

Written by Kayla McAllister, Age 10, Greeley, Colorado
Illustrated by Emma Blanks, Age 10, Clemmons, North Carolina

“Who’s in my house?” I asked, my voice trembling. I looked down and noticed my hands were shaking too.

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A Brave Little Girl

Written by Sophia Charles, Age 9, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Illustrated by Heather Kranz, Age 11, Fort Collins, Colorado

Suddenly, I heard a howl, and I spotted beady eyes. I imagined that these belonged to wolves in this lonely forest.

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Scout’s Big Adventure

Written by Makenzie Myers, Age 10, Windsor, Colorado
Illustrated by Maria Hansen, Age 13, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Jackson said he met the rabbits recently, and that these two rabbits were, in fact, both secret agents.

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Canoe Days

Canoe Days

Written by Isabel Wolfer, Age 10, Aspen, Colorado
Illustrated by Claire Shihadeh, Age 9, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In Minnesota in a small town called Bamidgi there is a lake. It’s my favorite lake. I call it Lake Verana.

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