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The Shadow and Its Face

Shadow and Its Face

Written by Julia Van Lare, Age 10 Coronado, California
Illustrated by Lillian Ryan, Age 12, St. Louis, Missouri

As I touched the door handle a chilling feeling went up my spine, as if someone had blown softly on my neck. But for some odd reason, the eeriness intrigued me.

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The Big Flood

Written by Jaylee Howell, Age 8, Pineville, Missouri
Illustrated by Yanna Albarracin, Age 9, Martinez, California, and Joyanna Xiang, Age 9, Martinez, California.

“Jaylee! Hurry! Get Up!” he yelled. I jumped up as soon as possible.

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Old Leaf

Old Leaf

Written by Courtney Licata, Age 10, St. Louis, Missouri
Illustrated by Caroline Walters, Age 12, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Walking. Running. Jogging./ But sitting is when I see it.
Most people look past it./ But not me.

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Storm: The Heart of a Colt

Storm: The Heart of a Colt

Written By Amelia Curtis, Age 8, Battlefield, Missouri
Illustrated By Amanda Zeldin, Age 10, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

One night, a stormy night, a colt was born. The mare suffered when she was in labor with the colt.

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