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A Horrible Start

Written by Peter Mitelman, Age 9, Westwood, New Jersey
Illustrated by Michael Kelley, Age 14, Portsmouth, Virginia

“1-0!” I yelled. It was the greatest day ever. I was in the next faceoff. With Owen.

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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Book Review)

Written by Camden Putnal, Age 11, Somerset, New Jersey

I would tell most people who like Bruce Colville stories to read this book.

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Julie Tells Her Story (Book Review)

Julie Tells Her Story

Written by Julia Lombardo, Age 12, Franklin Park, New Jersey

…right when I put it down I picked it right back up and started reading again.

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Saffy’s Angel (Book Review)

Saffy's Angel

Written by Rebecca Rudner, Age 11, Edison, New Jersey

I liked this story because it was adventurous, yet very calm.

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The Case of the Missing Glass Easter Egg

The Case of the Missing Glass Easter Egg

Written by Ciaravic Lalo, Age 10, Wharton, New Jersey
Illustrated by Alexandra Palmer, Age 12, Endwell, New York

“Lucy, look at this,” Jenny said. “It’s a letter from the governor. He wrote a letter explaining that a glass Easter egg is missing.”

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How Tsunamis Came to Be

How Tsunamis Came to Be

Written by Alexander Kozikowski, Age 12, Miller Place, New York
Anonymous Illustrator, Age 11

Once there was a young sailor named Tornag. He was the greatest captain in the whole of Greece.

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