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Dog Breath (Book Review)

Written by Faizan Khalid, Age 10, Edwardsville, Pennsylvania

I recommend this book to the age group of 4 to 6 and to anyone who enjoys rooting for an underdog!

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Walk Two Moons (Book Review)

Written by Meghna Melkote, Age 11, Moosic, Pennsylvania

This novel will make you love the characters, and develop affection for them.

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Emily Windsnap and the Siren’s Secret (Book Review)

Written by Rylee Gavlick, Age 10, Kingston, Pennsylvania

Kessler’s books have quite a bit of suspense so they are grabbing and exciting.

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Year of the Rat (Book Review)

Year of the Rat

Written by Harry Varonides, Age 10, Forty Fort, Pennsylvania

I can relate to this book because my family also came from a different country and my parents have told me similar stories.

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Flashlight Eyes

Flashlight Eyes

Written by Elizabeth Weal, Age 12, Atlanta, Georgia
Illustrated by Mallory Dixon, Age 10, Mountain Top, Pennsylvania

I noticed a pair of flashlight eyes free to run away and roam.

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