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Written by Andrew Grier, Age 10, Mission Viejo, California
Illustrated by Taylor Rooke, Age 10, Redditch, Worcestershire, UK

Pencils are the gates to the soul,
Hopes and dreams thrive in this creation.

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Alfie and the Magic Milk

Alfie and the Magic Milk

Written by Megan Lyon, Age 10, Nelson, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Illustrated by Greer Miceli, Age 9, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Alfie lived with Mr and Mrs Forblob and their two children Max and Georgie at number 10 Barn Lane, somewhere in the English countryside.

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Written by Rishikesh Gandhewar, Age 9, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom and Alfred Gower, Age 11, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Illustrated by Isabella Gianatiempo, Age 7, Martinez, California

Rabbits! Come out today.
We all want to see you play.

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