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The Better Side of Rapunzel: Told from the Perspective of the Hair

Written by Miranda Burrage-Goodwin, Age 12, Weston, Massachusetts
Illustrated by Anna Grayson, Age 8, Pleasant Hill, California

Download the PDF.

Download the PDF file .

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  1. lily

    i love the idea

  2. Zahra

    Nice story:)

  3. Claire

    It was a terrific story with a unique point. A delightful
    read, especially for fairy-tale lovers!

  4. Mahnoor R.

    a wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv it!!

  5. Yvonne Borghetti

    I really loved your story! I work in a children’s library telling stories to first and second graders and would love to share this with them! It is as good as our “Lady Bug” books! I hope to see more from you in the future. My 11 year old liked it too!

  6. Ashley

    very original i like it

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