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The Unforgiving Sea

Written by Sarah Nickolas, Age 10, South Windsor, Connecticut
Illustrated by Maria Hansen, Age 12, Idaho Falls, Idaho

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  1. skyler M.


  2. Maria

    Hello, this is Maria, the illustrator. Thanks for the compliments. :) Sarah, that was a great poem and I was happy to illustrate it for you. I can’t wait to write my own work and have it published (I have a hobby for both writing and drawing).

  3. Sidney

    sarah, i love your poem!! it’s SO beautiful! great job!

  4. Ashley

    I love the title. It fits perfectly!

  5. Kate Visgilio

    Hey that was AWESOME! Keep writing, cuz u can always share your feelings through a keyboard!

  6. grace

    I really,really,REALLY like both the artwork and the poem itself! Congratulations!

  7. hiba ahmad

    i think this poem was so beautiful.i loved it so much.keep pursuing that talent until you reach your goal.i myself want to publish my own books.

  8. Charita V.

    I think that your poem was really good.

  9. Paul Kelsey

    Of course we like it! Thank you for contributing to Launch Pad!

  10. Sarah

    hey guys its me sarah, i wrote this poem. tell me if u like it thanks!!

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