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Color Choice

Illustration by Ollanta Wascher Vargas, Age 7

Henri Matisse and other artists in the “Fauvism” (foe-viz-im) movement used bright, exaggerated, and unexpected colors to make their work interesting. Next time you create a piece of art, think twice before you choose your colors: the grass doesn’t have to be green, or the sky blue. Use some different and unexpected colors, and you will be surprised at how fun and original your art is.

Ollanta’s artwork in Father Alligator has yellow clouds, a pink owl, and a blue crawfish. Look at her artwork and pay attention to how her choice of colors make her artwork unique.

You can also see Matisse’s Femme au chapeau (Woman with a Hat) on the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s web site: http://www.sfmoma.org/artwork/213

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