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Art Tip: Craftsmanship

Loons in Maine” illustration by Christina Novoselac, age 11

Neatness counts! A challenging part of creating any type of artwork is taking the time to be neat. Neatness and attention to detail is often referred to as “craftsmanship.” It can be tempting to hurry through parts of a picture, or to quickly “scribble” a blue sky into a picture, but sloppy work detracts from the artwork. When Launch Pad receives artwork from young artists that is on wrinkled or spilled-on paper, it will not be accepted for publication, even if the artwork is promising.

Craftsmanship means using clean, wrinkle free paper, and paying attention to the details. Spend some time planning the drawing by making a rough draft. If you start to feel tired of working on the art, return to it after a refreshing break. Being an artist takes a lot of patience, and using craftsmanship is one of the most important skills to learn.

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