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Art Tips

Before you submit artwork to Launch Pad, read some our tips below. If you are a professional artist, teacher, or illustrator, and would like to contribute a tip, leave a comment below or email [email protected].

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Loons in Maine

Art Tip: Craftsmanship

Being an artist takes a lot of patience, and using craftsmanship is one of the most important skills to learn.

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Coral Reef

Art Tip: Cut Paper

Cut paper is a colorful way to make an eye catching piece of artwork. Use colorful construction paper, and consider mixing in some other types of paper, like wrapping paper or others.

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Color Choice

Next time you create a piece of art, think twice before you choose your colors: the grass doesn’t have to be green, or the sky blue. Use some different and unexpected colors, and you will be surprised at how fun and original your art is.

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Complementary Colors

Using complementary colors in a piece of artwork makes the colors stand out more, and almost always makes a good piece of art great.

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  1. Zack P

    I want to be an illustrator!

  2. Zack P

    Can I be the author of one story and illustrator of someone else’s?

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  4. Zack P

    Um, can I be an auther for one story, then illustrator for another?

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