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Courtney Licata

Age 10 (2012)
St. Louis, Missouri
Author, “Old Leaf

Courtney Licata is in 5th grade this year at Mason Ridge Elementary School in St. Louis, MO. She has two cats, Midnight and Princess. Her hobbies are writing, reading and playing computer and video games. She also enjoys lots of outdoor activities like tree climbing, hiking in the woods, feeding the birds and outdoor animals, and archery.

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  1. Heather Kranz

    The poem was very well done! I liked thinking about how small things can look unimportant, but how they can spur emotions and writing abilities like yours.

  2. Abby Webb

    You have insight far beyond your years! I can’t wait to continue to see your writing talent develop.

  3. Sandy S.

    Very well done Courtney. I feel like I am there touching, looking and exploring the leaf patterns with you. It reminds me to slow down and really enjoy what is around me. I love nature too.

  4. Tanya S.

    I love Courtney Licata’s poem, “Old Leaf,” and the illustrations complement it perfectly. Great work!

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