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Heather Kranz

Age 11 (2012)
Fort Collins, Colorado
Illustrator, “A Brave Little Girl

“My name is Heather Kranz and I am almost twelve. I like to collect rocks and shells and I like animals, music, and art. I play the clarinet and have a cat named Oban and a guinea pig named Swirl. I have a mom, a dad, and an eight-year-old sister named Amber. I live in Colorado. I love to read chapter books and like to dance. I draw mostly cats and animals.”

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  1. June Perry

    Wonderful illustrations Heather! I didn’t realize we have yet another artist in the family. It must be in genes.

  2. Renata

    Wow Heather!
    That looks awesome! You are an awesome illustrator!
    Renata (your cousin, of course)

  3. Martha Conant

    I can tell by the way you draw cats that you love them. Thanks for letting me know that you are now a published illustrator – congratulations!

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