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Jaylee Howell

Age 8 (2012)
Pineville, Missouri
Author, “The Big Flood

“I am eight years old. I am now in third grade. I wrote my story in second. I have three best friends. They are McKenzie, Megan, and Katelyn. I love my family! I love swimming, riding roller coasters, and gymnastics. My favorite foods are chips and cheese dip, strawberries, peaches, watermelon, kiwi, and bananas. I love animals! I have two cats and two dogs. The two cats are both boys. Toad is a Maine Coon Cat and Snow is a Flame Point Himalayan. The dogs are one boy and one girl. King is a German Shepherd and Chia is a Pomeranian. I want to be a writer or a veterinarian when I grow up.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Jaylee, you are an amazing young writer with so much potential. You see things that others sometimes miss and that makes you so special. The way you describe the world around you is sensational. Big things are in store for you Jaylee. Just remember to seek those adventures without fear or indifference. Be true to yourself and challenge the writer within!

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