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Mahnoor Raza

Age 9.5 (2011)
Skardu, Pakistan
Author, “The Last Polar Bears (Book Review),” The Fairy’s Gift

Hi. My name is Mahnoor Raza and I’m nine and a half years old. My birthday is on 27th October. My home station is Islamabad, Pakistan, but I am currently living in Skardu due to my father’s job. I have no siblings. My hobbies are reading, cooking, writing, skating, organic gardening, and watching TV. I study in grade 5, Pepperdine School Network, Skardu.

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  1. SKYLER M. (oops caps lock!)

    I like you!

  2. Anonymous

    You’re cool! How old are you now?

  3. Mahnoor

    Maria: Anytime, and thank you so much! I used to have a friend whose name was Maria. ^_^

  4. Maria

    Thanks for the compliment, Mahnoor! (By the way, you have a cool name.) Good job on your writing, keep it up!

  5. Mahnoor Raza

    hi again everyone….mahnoor talking

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