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Maria Hansen

Illustrator, “The Unforgiving Sea” Age 12 (2010)
Illustrator, “Scout’s Big Adventure” Age 13 (2011)
Idaho Falls, Idaho

“I have three main hobbies: drawing, reading, and writing. I’m best at drawing animals, but I can draw others things pretty well, too. I like getting on Launch Pad and looking at other people’s work. This is the first magazine I’ve ever illustrated.”

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  1. Ms. Applegate

    I loved the expressions you captured on Scout. I just wanted to pick him up and share a story or two. I hope to see more of your work in the future.

  2. Mahnoor Raza

    Honestly… just LOVE your illustrations!

  3. Courtney L

    Wow! Your illustrations are wonderful! You are an awesome drawer!

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