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Ollanta Wascher

Age 12 (2012)
Lima, Perú
Illustrator, Childhood Memory

My name is Ollanta Wascher, I´m twelve years old. I´ve lived in Santa Fe, NM for eight years, then we came down to Perú. I have lived in Los Organos, a sea-side town north of Perú and traveled to other parts of the country, like Cuzco, Arequipa, Ayacucho,Caraz, etc. I like drawing cartoons, painting, reading a good book, riding my bike, swimming in the ocean and spending time with my friends. I love animals and nature. When I´m older I want to be an artist and ecologist.

Ollanta is also author and illustrator of “Why Anteater Looks Before He Eats” and Illustrator, “Father Alligator” from 2008.

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  1. Anonymous

    Your illustrations make the story come to life. :)

  2. Barbara Fash

    Ollanta I loved your illustrations, especially the starry skies!

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