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Sammie Armentor

Age 8.5 (2010)
New Iberia, Louisiana
Author, The Case of the Stolen Computers

My name is Sammie Armentor, and I am a 3rd grader at Highland Baptist Christian School in New Iberia, Louisiana. I have a collection of fortune cookie fortunes and Mardi Gras bead dogs. I love reading, writing, jumping, gardening, and doing art projects. My favorite color is sky blue. My favorite foods are pizza and watermelon, and my favorite drinks are lemonade and Icees. At school, my friends and I love swinging, chasing each other, and making Mardi Gras bead dogs.

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  1. Anonymous

    You sound awesome, Sammie. I can’t believe you wrote “The Case of the Stolen Computers” when you were EIGHT! That’s really cool. But I’m dying to know, since I’m, like, a northerner…what are Mardi Gras bead dogs?

  2. Skyler M.

    You sound EXACTLY like me! I am a Christian too! I LOVE reading AND writing (I’m in the middle of a novel!)! I LOVE art! I LOVE pizza!!! and I’m 3/4 grader (I am homeschooled)! I LOVE watermelon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Skyler M. is my pen name and my stage name!) (I love singing so I have my own band!)

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