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Sophia Charles

Age 9 (2012)
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Author, “A Brave Little Girl

“Hi! A am Sophia Charles, age 9. I am very athletic, and my hobbies are: writing, reading, soccer, piano-playing, ballet-dancing, skiing, swimmer, and almost everything about school and academics. Besides being active, I also enjoy some more quiet activities such as: playing board games and card games with m family, entertaining my two feline pets; Addie (Adelaide) and Ammie (Amadeus), taking relaxing, peaceful walks around the farm-park behind our house with my family, watching some older moving with actors and actresses like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby, and attending our church with my family almost every Sunday. Thank you for reading my short story, ‘A Brave Little Girl,” and I hope that you enjoy it!”

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  1. Heather Kranz

    Hi Sophia! I really like your story and enjoyed illustrating it. It’s fun learning a little about you. I like cats too, and I have a cat named Oban. I hope you keep writing stories. You could become an extremely successful author and become known around the world! If that happens, I’ll be proud to be able to say that I worked with you. – Heather

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