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2012 Scholastic Library Publishing Award

Paul Kelsey is the recipient of the 2012 Scholastic Library Publishing Award, for his creation of Launch Pad. Awarded by the American Library Association (ALA), and sponsored by Scholastic Publishing, this award “is bestowed on a librarian whose extraordinary contributions to promoting access to books and encouraging a love of reading for lifelong learning exemplifies outstanding achievement in the profession.” About Launch Pad, the ALA website states, “Launch Pad is a wonderfully inviting website that displays the imagination and insight of young authors, poets and illustrators.”


Listed as a “suggested publishing outlet” (click “where and how to publish”) by Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP)

“This is just fabulous. I know of so many children that would love to see their artwork and stories on a website… A website like this can only have a positive impact on children. I wish something like this had been around when I was a kid!”
– Ahgoo Review

Four stars from Education World

“Ease of use, combined with no fee, is an equation that results in happy young authors and artists.”
– Education World

“Do you write great stories? Is there an illustrator in you dying to get out? There is a great website, Launch Pad, that can help you get published online.”
– Reading In Action

Announcements have also appeared in Reading Connection, intermediate edition, March 2008; ALA’s Public Libraries; Reading Today (International Reading Association); and PBS’s Reading Rockets.

Other selective web sites link to or mention Launch Pad, like Five Star Publications, Good Sites for Kids, The National Art Education Association, and National Writing Project.

From Authors and Illustrators

“I hand wrote my first book when I was seven years old. I have just published my 80th juvenile novel. I believe in Launch Pad!” – Betsy Haynes, author of the Bone Chillers series, and many other books!

“Lots of you know that the first story I remember writing was about a wild pinto stallion. I was 8, and only showed my creative writing to my family and friends, but I always wondered, just a little, if my work was good, or if people were just being nice. So, I’m kind of excited, because I think I’ve discovered a very cool place for my readers to test their writing (and artistic!) skills.” – Terry Farley

Other authors and illustrators have mentioned Launch Pad on their blogs and web sites, including Elly Swartz, Doris Hillestad Butler, Cynthia Reeg, Jan Peck, Karen Krossing, Newbery Honor recipient Joyce Sidman, and others.

From Parents

“I have read Launch Pad and wanted to thank you. You do wonderful job and I am particularly pleased by your sensitivity to the contributors. Your email to my daughter was on target for confidence building. I am now hooked on your publication!”

“Our local paper is writing about Megan’s success with your magazine. Is it ok if they publish the Launch Pad web address for publicity in England? You have made a little girl very happy.”

From Teachers

“I’m a fourth grade teacher and just wanted to tell you how excited I am about Launch Pad. It is so motivating and exciting for children! Thank you for opening new doors of excitement for writing and the arts!”

“What I’m trying to do more of is getting my students to write for real audiences. One way to do that is to have them write reviews for my blog. Another way is finding places for them to publish there works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Launch Pad is a place for all of that!” – The O.W.L. Blog

Also mentioned on teacher blogs and web sites such as Writing Teacher Hangout, Home School NYC, Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page, and others.

From our Readers

“I really loved your story! I work in a children’s library telling stories to first and second graders and would love to share this with them! It is as good as our ‘Ladybug’ books! I hope to see more from you in the future. My 11 year old liked it too!”

More readers’ comments are available on our Readers’ Comments page.

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    Congratulations on the very deserving receipt of the 2012 ALA Scholastic Library Publishing Award! Launch Pad is truly a unique and wonderful website!

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