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Writing Tip: First Person Point of View

Illustration by Kelsey Walker, age 9

The “Point of View” of a story or poem describes the narrator, or who is telling the story. “First person” point of view is when the story is told by the person who experienced it first hand. You can tell a story written in the first person because the main character is telling the story, and refers to himself or herself as “I.” This can make the action in a story seem more intense and exciting. Other points of view can also work well. When before writing a story, consider what point of view would make your story most interesting.

James Gui uses the first person point of view in The Evil Magician and reading the first paragraph really makes you want to find out what happens next, doesn’t it?

“I was nervous as I walked up the dark stairs to the stage of the magic show at the circus. The magician had called on me for a magic trick. I wondered what I was suposed to do … pull a bunny out of a hat? Jump inside a box and get cut in half? Whatever I was supposed to do, I didn’t think I wanted to know.”

By using this view point, the people reading his story don’t know any more about the mysterious magician than that main character so they feel just as frightened! Finish reading the story here here.

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